SSIS Script component task

Are you getting some weird errors while working with the Script component task in SSIS?

I got errors like

Ambiguity between Input0Buffer.x and Input0Buffer.x


The name ‘Output0Buffer’ does not exist in the current context

and while googling the errors I didn’t find much help on the subject.

The errors I had where not caused by the actual Visual C# code I was working on but some settings on hte script component task that I had overlooked.

In my case it was the “SynchronousInputID” that should have been set to “None”. When that was done the errors dissappeared.

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3 Responses to SSIS Script component task

  1. solid_sneak06 says:

    Thank you

  2. lao9 says:

    thanks a lot.
    it helped me greatly.
    Damn the SSIS designer that make the wrong setting as the default.
    Are they trying to make people fail by default?

  3. Felipe says:


    Thank you very much!

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