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Creating and populating a date dimension with Swedish or Norwegian weeks

Quite often when you work with analyzing data you need to be able to see your KPI’s per day, week or some other time-frame. Both Sweden and Norway has a fairly unusual way to handle week numbers which might make … Continue reading

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SSIS – How to handle sensitive data

While working with developing SSIS you will eventually have to deploy your packages to a production environment. Chances are that you run in to this error message Error at  []: Failed to decrypt protected XML node “DTS:Password” with error 0x8009000B … Continue reading

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SSIS naming conventions

I would suggest using the following naming conventions when working with naming conventions. Why? Naming conventions are good as it makes it easier for you and your fellow developers to read the existing packages. Why this set? The list comes … Continue reading

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SSIS Script component task

Are you getting some weird errors while working with the Script component task in SSIS? I got errors like Ambiguity between Input0Buffer.x and Input0Buffer.x or The name ‘Output0Buffer’ does not exist in the current context and while googling the errors … Continue reading

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Problems with timezones?

So here I am trying to install modx revolution on a Virtual LAMP server hosted somewhere outside my home. After setting up the basic things on the VPS such as Apache2, MySQL-server and the such I download modx revolution, crete … Continue reading

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